Items to Sell/Swap

This Page is for anyone who has any Radio Equipment, Towers, or Antenna they would like to Sell or Swap.

Please Email: Frank Heyn W4IMH at with Photos, item details, and Contact information.  All supplied information will be posted on this page. (W4BKD is not responsible for any of the condition or warranties of the equipment bought, sold, or swapped on this website.  Any transaction as a result of posting on this website is entirely the responsibility of the buyer and seller. )

Items for Sale from Wesley Smith N3CMH

Email: Phone: 850-384-5240 (Contact for Pricing)

Item: (Antennas) 6 Meter LFA Yagi, Vertical/Horizonal -(2, 222, 432, 1296); (Tower) Rohn 25 section; (Cables) Coaxial Cables, Semi Ridge coaxial cable; (MISC) Connectors; Microcomponent microscope; 222 band pass band reject duplexer cavity; ham and GMRS desktop repeaters; Programing Software (RT Systems (or similar), desktop computer; laptop computer, hard drives, CD disks. (Their are a lot more Items not Listed please contact Wesley for more detail)


Items for Sale from Frank W4IMH

Email: for any questions / Interests

Item: Yaesu FT-818ND (have original box, manual, Ncad internal battery that came with it plus a separate battery holder for AA battery (New price is $649.95), also has the -ESG817 escort body rails in Oliver Green with the folding legs mounted on it (New Price is $74) & the LDG Z-817 tuner (New Price is $129.95) My total Cost was $854

Asking: $650


Items for Sale from Bryan KO4VCN

Item: GMRS Radios -Waterproof (great for Kayaking) includes Charger Stand

Asking: $80.00 (GMRS)(looking for HT for Ham)




Items for Sale from Glen K4KV 

Email: for any questions / Interests

Item: ALS 500M (Only installed in a Impala virtually never used) May have remote head for it too.

Asking: 65% of New Price, or best offer.  Would also Trade for a New(er) FT-991A



Items for Sale from Jim K4LIX:

Items are from Local Estate Sales

Contact: Text/Message Jim for any Questions or Interests at 850-774-4564


  • Kenwood TS-850 (No Tuner) with matching speaker – $450
  • Icom 7600 (one of the last ones made) SN 0205006 – $1,700
  • Kenwood TS-590SG/70 (Anniversary Model) – $1,600
  • Yaesu FT-847, HF thru 440 (No Tuner) – $800
  • Matching Signal Link with cable for the FT-847 – $100
  • LDG Z-817 auto-tuner (Max Power 20 Watts) – $100