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The List below is the Net Roster that is conducted each Monday night at 7 P.M.  If anyone would like to Call the AC Net, they are Welcome to participate as long as the Following wording is stated EACH and EVERY TIME the Net is called.

Beginning of the Net -“CQ, CQ The Net… Calling the AC Net.  This is W4BKD Net Control Station for Monday (Today’s Date).  This is a directed net sponsored by the Jackson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Chipola Amateur Radio Club.  This Net is conducted each Monday night at 7 P.M.  Before I begin the roll call, are there any emergency or priority messages?  Is there anyone with informal traffic or announcements for the net, respond now?  Starting the Net as I have it!”


Ending of the Net – “That is the list as I have it.  Is there anyone that I missed or late check-ins respond now…  I would like to thank everyone for their participation.  I will now return the frequency back to general amateur use.  This is (Your Call) 73!”