WX4EC 147.045 Repeater is Back on the Air!

                                              WX4EC 147.045 Repeater is Back on the Air!  

The ctcss tone is 123hz

This is an analogue FM and digital system Fusion C4FM repeater.


This is the Jackson County Emergency Management / CARC  ARES repeater to be used as a backup repeater to the 146.670 in the event of an emergency.

The antenna height is about 180′ that gives it a footprint that will cover Jackson County.  It has half the height and power output of the 67 machine.  Not to mention the antenna is bent over due to Hurricane Michael.  Therefore, you cannot compare its coverage area to 67.  Nevertheless, it works well for its intended purpose.

Chipola Amateur Radio Club now has three repeaters in operation.

  1.  Primary 146.670 mhz open repeater (Wide area coverage)
  2. 147.045 mhz – ctcss 123hz- also C4FM Fusion (local coverage)
  3. 444.950 mhz – ctcss 123hz and C4FM Fusion (Wide area coverage)