2020 Florida QSO Party will be held April 25 and 26

Good afternoon everyone.
I received a request from the Florida Contest Group to post the following and remind everyone of the Florida QSO Party that is happening soon.

73,  Brian NW4R


The 2020 Florida QSO Party will be held April 25 and 26; we sure hope you’ll join us by activating your FL HF stations – home, club, school, mobile and rover all welcomed.  Let’s make all 67 counties RADIO-ACTIVE!

Please check out the rules and further details at our Web Site: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/

The Florida QSO Party
Object: Everyone works Florida, Florida works Everyone
Activate and work ALL Florida counties
Have as much FUN as possible!

When: April 25 & 26, 2020
Two ten hour operating periods, with a ten hour break:
Saturday, April 25 1600Z (Noon EDT) – 0159Z (9:59 PM EDT)
Sunday, April 26 1200Z (8 AM EDT) – 2159Z (5:59 PM EDT)
20 Hours total

Exchange: RST and County (Florida stations)
RST and QTH (State, Province or Country for non-FL)

Where: 10, 15, 20 and 40 Meters


CW:       7.020-7.045, 14.025-14.055, 21.030-21.050, 28.030-28.050 MHz

Phone:  7.185-7.245, 14.240-14.295, 21.320-21.350, and 28.450-28.480 MHz
Contacts outside these frequency ranges are still valid; see rules for details.

We expect that several Mobile stations will be on and most can be found here:
CW:  7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHz
SSB: 7.230-7.240, 14.265-14.275  MHz
If you are not mobile, *please* refrain from calling CQ in these windows.

Single Op, Multi Op, Multi-Multi, Mobile, Expedition, Technician and School.
Three power levels: QRP, Low, and High Power.
Use CW, SSB or both.

23rd Anniversary Special Event Award- 2020 FQP Spelling Bee!

We will have a total of 7 special 1×1 stations below whose suffixes spell LOVEBUG. Contact all 7 of these 1×1 stations to earn this award.  These stations will be on both modes full-time and should be very accessible. QSL these 1×1 calls active in FQP via KU9C direct or via bureau.

The callsigns and hosts are TBA.

Prizes: Beautiful color Certificates for top participants
Plaques for top finishing entrants.

Web Site: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/
Detailed rules, mobile routes, past results, plaques, county maps and much more!


Florida Stations of all types – please go to the FQP website and register your fixed, mobile, rover and 1×1 Spelling Bee operations; just click on the “Counties” link and then the Activation Forms to get started – thanks!


Logs to logs@floridaqsoparty.org or via US mail to: Florida QSO Party, c/o Ron Harps, K8NZ, 1997 Willow Glen Ln Columbus, OH 43229-1550.


Any questions or feedback? Please feel free to reply to my e-mail:


We highly encourage you to sign up to the FQP email Group fqp@groups.io. Please see details below.

THANK YOU in advance for making the 2020 FQP another terrific event!


Chris, NX4N, on behalf of:

Chris, W4WF and Dan, K1TO – President and Past President
Florida Contest Group, proud sponsors of the FQP since 1998

P.S. – IMPORTANT:  FQP email Group

We have a terrific FQP email group via Groups.io.  Below is an article from K5KG (thanks George!) with instructions on how to join our new FQP email group – we hope you will do so today!



by George K5KG

                The Florida Contest Group (FCG) maintains an email reflector on Groups.io, called FQP@groups.io.  Groups.io was developed in 2014, and has become the most advanced email group service on the Internet.  The FCG is using the Groups.io’s basic service at no-cost.  This service allows for an unlimited number of subscribers, provides a Group directory and calendar, the attachment of files and photos to messages, and offers 1GB of file and photo storage.

FQP@groups.io was established to support the Florida QSO Party which occurs every April, although some subscribers use it year-round.  This email reflector is not limited to FCG members, and anyone can belong.  There are currently 83 subscribers on FQP@groups.io.  As the 2020 FQP approaches, we expect the number of subscribers on FQP@groups.io to escalate rapidly.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to the FQP email reflector may send an email request to George, K5KG at k5kg@k5kg.com.  Upon receiving your request to join, George will send you an invitation to subscribe to the reflector.  When you receive the invitation, simply follow the instructions, and sign yourself up.

Here are some tips about using the FQP@groups.io reflector:

1.)    When you join a reflector, go into your PROFILE, and enter your call sign and first name (or nickname) in the Display Name field.  It is critical that your Display Name and/or email address identify your CALL SIGN so we can properly administer your account.  (We have had times when a “BillyBob” subscribed with an email address of “swampbuggy@xyz.com”, leaving us in the dark about who he was because he did not provide a call sign.)

2.)    You can post a photo in the PROFILE.   This is optional, but if you do enter a photo, it will appear in the Directory of all subscribers.  Typically, subscribers post their photo, but it could be a photo of their shack, antennas, etc.

3.)     Subscribers can choose any one of these Email Delivery options

  1. Individual Messages
  2. Full Featured Digest – group of up to 12 messages individually (rich formatting)
  3. Plain Digest – group of up to 12 messages individually (plain formatting)
  4. Daily Summary – delivered in the morning of group’s messages from previous day
  5. No Email

4.)    Subscribers can set up a Signature format to include in messages for Web or Email postings

5.)    The reflectors are not moderated, so we ask all subscribers to keep their messages related to ham radio related-topics, and suitable for reading by all age groups.  Frequently, subscribers will post for-sale, wanted-to-buy or how-to messages on the reflectors, and this is perfectly acceptable.

6.)    The FCG’s old FQP email reflector fqp@kkn.net has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

In summary, FQP@groups.io is an Florida QSO Party email reflector that the FCG operates at no cost to the subscribers.  If you are currently a subscriber, please check the DISPLAY NAME in your PROFILE to make sure it identifies your CALL SIGN and NAME.   If you are not a subscriber, drop me an email so I can get you on board.

73, George Wagner, K5KG